Having a Zip water systems in your home is a convenient way to have a refreshing drink at the push of a button. It is a great way to avoid using plastic drink bottles, and it is also a great way to be environmentally friendly.

Boiling hot water at the push of a button

Adding an intelligent water system to your kitchen or dining area can make it easier to prepare beverages and eliminate the need to wait for water to boil. It can also be more economical than traditional tea kettles.

Instant boiling water units are available in a variety of styles and can be found in both commercial and private kitchens. They range from sleek and contemporary Zenith Hydrotaps to the more conventional Rheem Lazer wall units.

Instant boiling water units are great for busy households that are in need of larger quantities of water in seconds. They also streamline the kitchen and eliminate the need to fill the kettle and return it to the base.

These systems are also ideal for canteens and hospitals. They offer instant, pure-tasting water at the push of a button. These systems offer chilled and boiling water and filtered water. They can also be programmed with timers to deliver water at specific times.

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic drink bottles

Using a Zip water system is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic drink bottles. The company has created a drink system that allows you to easily fill and reuse a reusable bottle. The bottle also comes in larger capacities than its predecessors. It is made from a non-toxic plastic and does not affect the quality of the water.

The bottle is a little less practical than a two litre can, but they do the job. They have a longer shelf life and are more sustainable. You can also buy reusable straws, which are made of stainless steel or bamboo.

You can also save money by buying loose fruits and vegetables. You can then check the quality of each item before you make your purchase.

One other good idea is to ask your coffee shop how many ounces they’ve filled your cup. Some places will charge you based on the size of the cup. If you’re going to the gym, skip the straw and go for the glass bottle instead.

Touch-free washroom products

Designed and manufactured in Australia, full Zip water systems offer an extensive range of touch-free washroom solutions. These include sensor taps, hand dryers and toilet flushing systems. It also offers a range of other products, including soap dispensers.

Zip’s HydroTap Touch Free Wave is a 100% touch-free drinking water solution, which delivers filtered water, boiling water and chilled water with a wave of the hand. It features smart sensing technology and air cooled technology. It provides pure tasting drinking water, reducing the risk of transmission of germs and disease. It also features customisable settings and a full colour interactive touch screen display.

Zip’s QuickDry(tm) is a energy saving automatic hand dryer that dries hands super fast. It features a slimline profile and a steel grey powder coated alloy case. It also has a high air velocity and offers whisper-quiet warm air. It is ideal for food service facilities and medical offices.

The Zip FlushMaster Touch-Free Pan Flushing System is an electronic control system that fits 4.5/3 litre flat base cisterns. It is based on two touch-free infrared motion sensors. It activates a 3.0 litre flush.


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